Sputnik 84HP

Backpack-able eurorack case

880,00 1.480,00 

  • 84HP rows 12U or 6U
  • Module depth: 65mm
    (46mm above power supply)
  • Dimensions: 550x335x200mm
  • Weight: 4.4.kg (w/o modules)
  • Power supply: HammerPWR 100W
  • Output power: +12V/5A, 12V/2.5A, +5V/2A
  • Output headers: 36 (12 filtered & 24 direct)
  • Four or two USB-A ports 5V
  • 120W Meanwell power brick
  • Shielded bridge power cable in 12U

This item will be shipped in January 2024

Sputnik 84HP is the foldable and backpack-able eurorack case for modular synthesisers.

Portable and patch-friendly, it sets up in seconds. Compatible with standard eurorack cables allows you keep your system patched in transit.

Compatible with all standard cables, it features a lightweight and resistant aluminium frame, tilt function, and USB ports.

With Konstant Lab’s HammerPWR power supply, it ensures a noise-free environment.

Stackable and expandable, Sputnik offers versatility for your eurorack journey.

Ideal for musicians on the go, with 6U and 12U versions.

Discover the future of the backpackable eurorack cases with Sputnik 84HP.